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Whether you’re looking to join a startup or explore your own ideas, this is the community for you.
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Meet like-minded builders looking for longterm partnerships. Build projects, startups and more and exepreience oneline and in-person events.

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Magnify is helps connect builders with any availability: part-time, full-time, co-founder.

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Meet top founders and builders to collaborate on high-impact projects.

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We provide the infrastructure that builds long-term partnerships. 30% of our community members are looking for co-founders or founding team members.
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Build long-term relationships to take your idea to the next level.
Free to join and discover collaborators.
Top builder community curated by proprietary algorithm.
Find builders to collaborate at any stage of your idea.
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Personalized insights to help manage your team.

Meet our community members.

Meet some of our community members and find out about their goals and what they’ve been building.
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Join us for virtual speed dating events and our monthly founder dinner series in NYC. More locations to come!